GATE Control Station

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Beta version of GATE Control Station™

Simply update the firmware and/or adjust the settings at home, using the USB-Link and the GATE Control Station™ computer App.

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Download GATE Control Station v1.0 BETA for WINDOWS

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Download GATE Control Station v1.0 BETA for MAC

Full version of GATE Control Station will be available 02-03.2017.

If you cannot see your device on the list or it is accompanied by exclamation mark it means that you must install the device’s driver manually. You can download the driver here:

TITAN firmware changelog:

v1.8, release date: 2016-12-06
1. Improved trigger detection. Added compatibility with speed triggers and triggers with hole. Fixed problem with double shooting while trigger release.
2. Improved Diagnostic Trouble Codes detection.


GATE Control Station for WINDOWS changelog:

v1.0, release date: 2016-12-14
- Improved: Setting the sensitivity of the trigger after a Reset Factory Settings and Default Settings.
- Added: Documentation (Help -> Manuals).
- Added: User Data for send report to GATE. To send report user must enter his email address and country.

v0.9, release date: 2016-11-24
- First public beta release


GATE Control Station for MAC changelog:

v1.0, release date: 2016-12-21
- First public beta release