Our environmental activities

  • Social Contribution through environmentally friendly manufacturing
    GATE aims at conserving the environment and reducing the environmental impact of its operations by improving the efficiency of production activities and proper disposal of the manufacturing waste.
  • Environmental Philosophy
    GATE believes that environmental conservation is a critical challenge facing not only private people but also business entities. We have in mind the environment in our operations and contribute to the world through our workmanship.
  • Fundamental Environmental Policy
    We will acknowledge the environmental impact of our operations, products, and services.
    We will cooperate with eco-friendly companies in order to recycle the manufacturing waste.
    We will strictly comply with environmental laws, rules, and regulations.


GATE eco-friendly goals:

  • Resource conservation, reduction of waste generated
  • Energy saving, reduced CO2 emissions
  • Clean workplaces
  • Consideration for the surrounding environment
  • Ease of disposal, recycling
  • Consideration for harmful substances