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Installation Kit for TITAN V2

Instalation Kit for TITAN V2
Installation Kit
With shipment Postal delivery: for 20,00 zł
Base price with tax 30,00 zł
Sales price 27,00 zł
Discount -3,00 zł
Installation Kit
Installation Kit
Installation Kit
Installation Kit


Instalation Kit for TITAN V2™

Kit contents:

  • Selector plate stickers
  • Female deans-t connector
  • Motor connectors 2.8 x 0.5 mm [0.11 x 0.02 in]
  • 0.7mm [0.03 in] screw and washers set
  • 0.5mm [0.02 in] screw and washers set


Please note that material and colour of insulation washers included in the kit may differ between different batches.




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