TITAN V3 Basic Module

TITAN V3 with BASIC firmware edition
TITAN V3 Basic Module
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TITAN V3 Basic Module
TITAN V3 Basic Module
TITAN V3 Basic Module
TITAN V3 Basic Module


TITAN V3™ Basic Module – the best if you long for having TITAN in two or more airsoft guns. Then you do not need the second USB-Link from the Advanced set. It includes TITAN with BASIC firmware edition.

The BASIC firmware edition is an economic version with limited number of functions, dedicated for those who prefer simplicity but require highest quality. If you decide to have more functions, there is always an option to upgrade firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED or EXPERT.

Basic Module is also suitable for you if you decide to purchase the USB-Link separately.

Kit contents:

  1. TITAN V3 with BASIC firmware edition
  2. Installation Kit
  3. Quickstart Guide

NOTICE! In order to configure TITAN, you need the USB-Link which is not included in this kit.

If you have battery in buttstock, we recommend to buy additional buttstock extension cable: https://www.gatee.eu/online-store/online-store-2/v3-ext-detail

TITAN V3™ is an AEG Control System for V3 gearbox which will transform your AEG into an advanced training weapon. Adjust your AEG using the USB-Link and GATE Control Station App. TITAN V3 enables you to adjust the trigger sensitivity with military precision. The proximity trigger sensor offers you even 250 possible sensitivity settings. Gain a tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response and many other useful functions. Give your AEG a new lease of life!

Thanks to the optical sensors, we eliminated the problem of faulty switches that can occur in competitors' drop-in MOSFETs. The trigger has no mechanical connections with the PCB. This eliminates mechanical stresses and provides for high reliability.

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