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GATE firmware simplified – EXPERT only from now on!

We recently asked the airsoft community about firmware versions and the overwhelming response was to simplify them and leave EXPERT only. So, we’re making it easier and more convenient for everyone who purchases a TITAN, ASTER or the EON Complete Gearbox. This means, you will get one with out-of-the box EXPERT firmware.

Please note that if you’re getting a replica with a TITAN or ASTER already installed by the manufacturer, these units are all sold as BASIC and can be upgraded at these new low prices: check these lit EXPERT upgrades – from just €9!

Already got TITAN or ASTER in BASIC or ADVANCED? Check these lit EXPERT upgrades – from just €9! That's right - we've cut upgrade prices dramatically - for good.

Got TITAN II Bluetooth® in BASIC or ADVANCED? Just hook it up to GCS – the upgrade to EXPERT is on us.

Bought a TITAN or ASTER after 19 October and got BASIC or ADVANCED firmware? Send us your proof of purchase plus Serial Number via GATE Help Center – you'll get an EXPERT upgrade absolutely free.

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