What distinguishes TITAN from the competition?

  • TITAN gives you great flexibility and is future-proof. You can use a USB-Link or Blu-Link to configure advanced functions, perform a firmware update, run diagnostics or use the GCS app on a smartwatch
  • Hair-trigger - up to 60 sensitivity in the first millimeter of trigger movement
  • Top-notch automatic pre-cocking
  • You can update its firmware via the Internet
  • TITAN is a part of GATE Advanced AEG Ecosystem
  • Lowest in the market current consumption. Deep sleep mode with only 0.32 mA current consumption prevents battery discharge
  • Built-in voltage boost converter allows for trouble-free operation with weaker batteries and increases the switching efficiency (TITAN V3, TITAN V4, TITAN II Bluetooth)
  • 3.75 V ready - it operates at very low voltage (even 1.2 V during the shot), which is important in high-tuned AEGs, where the voltage under load drops significantly
  • Sensor that supports Infinite Torque-up, DSG, SSG and standard gears