GATE EON Complete V2 Gearbox - about

GATE EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth®


  • Short Stroke 330 FPS / 1.0 J
  • Short Stroke 350 FPS / 1.2 J
  • Full Stroke 440 FPS / 1.8 J

Energy measured for 0.20 g BBs and a 300 mm barrel*

EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth® includes top-notch internal components. We analyzed and gathered the most advanced technologies available for AEGs and constructed the top-class gearbox, with no savings on parts. Instead of thinking about tuning, now you can obtain at a fair price a ready-to-use, complete gearbox with warranty. Over a million of shots fired to build the best and most reliable hi-end gearbox.

*Optimal inner barrel length from 250 mm to 430 mm (depending on the barrel length used, the muzzle velocity generated by the EON Complete V2 Gearbox may differ slightly from the declared one). We cannot guarantee the effective operation of the replica when using an internal barrel outside this range.