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EON V2 Gearbox OUTLET VERSION rev. 2 [CNC] - Titanium / Silver

EON V2 Gearbox OUTLET VERSION rev. 2 [CNC] - Titanium / Silver

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Color may vary slightly depending on batch

Product Description:
Each EON GEARBOX outlet version may have just one or more of the following imperfections:
  • Light surface dirt or aesthetic imperfections
  • Offsets of max 0.1 mm of the surface of the front and/or rear wall of the gearbox (does not affect the position of the bearing seats)
  • Delicate curvature (visible on an unassembled gearbox) – once put together, the problem is invisible
  • Gearboxes may have minor imperfections
  • The spring guide may be in different color than GB itself (applies to TITANIUM version)
The listed imperfections have no effect on the functionality of the GEARBOX.

We provide full warranty on the durability and functionality of the EON Gearbox. The warranty excludes aesthetic issues of the EON Gearbox.

*Sample photos of several pieces are included in the gallery.


TITAN / ASTER firmware upgrade included.

The EON V2 Gearbox – the Mothership of the EON Series has arrived. Includes a scratch card with a code entitling you to a free 1 level-up firmware upgrade of TITAN or ASTER.

CNC machined Gearbox made in GATE factory from aircraft grade Aluminium 7075 T6 with military tensile strength of 570 MPa allows for extreme tuning and embraces the following improvements:

  • Dedicated for GATE ETUs – TITAN and ASTER as well as the EON series

  • Lifetime warranty for GATE ETU users

  • Extreme durability thanks to the highest on the market cross-section dimensions in critical places

  • Inspection window for precise manual pre-cocking adjustment and piston inspection

  • Quick spring change with simple tools like home-key or flat-blade screwdriver

  • Precise bevel to pinion gear adjustment thanks to the special window

  • Easy shimming with special inspection windows for each gear

  • Minimized stresses during the cycles thanks to enlarged radiuses in the cylinder window

  • No risk of wire damage under the pinion gear

  • Handy AOE visual inspection

  • Easy anti-reversal latch release

  • Ready to 8mm bearings

  • Compatible with the Specna Arms ESA-2 quick spring change system

  • Compatible with most standard V2 internal parts

  • Compatible with most bodies on the market

  • Compatible with VFC dual selectros

The EON Gearbox is the core of our series of internal parts for professional use. Thanks to the number of modifications, we have met the expectations of airsoft technicians as well as end users. Our brand-new CNC Machined Gearbox shell noticeably increases the life cycle of your replica no matter how extreme tuning you are planning in your replica and provides full compatibility with the GATE Ecosystem.


The kit includes:

  • EON Gearbox shells

  • Set of screws

  • QSC spring guide

  • Scratch card with a code entitling you to a free 1 level-up firmware upgrade of TITAN or ASTER


Rev. 2 - The technological process has been refined

* Warning - do not use cylinder heads with a rubber bumper at the front or where the rear edge of the pin holes is closer to the head's face than 7.2 mm. This may result in permanent damage of the gearbox shells, which is not covered by the guarantee.

Below is a link to a guide showing how to check the compatibility of the head: How to check the compatibility of the cylinder head with the EON Gearbox

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