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PULSAR S HPA Engine - set with TITAN II Bluetooth® EXPERT

PULSAR S HPA Engine - set with TITAN II Bluetooth® EXPERT

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TITAN II Bluetooth® with EXPERT Firmware

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PULSAR S HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth® - the world’s smallest & most advanced single solenoid HPA engine. The first HPA engine controlled by an ETU with optical sensors. Thanks to the newest flagship TITAN II Bluetooth® combined with HPA technology you get a ludicrous trigger response, unknown before in the airsoft world. With the user-friendly GCS app for smartphones you can manage your settings live, even straight from the field! Set the fire selector modes, trigger sensitivity, ROF or connect your smartwatch in order to know how many BBs are left in your magazine. You'll find all the electronics inside the gearbox (free space in the butt stock or the grip). For the first time ever, users of HPA replicas can experience a multitude of airsoft replica settings and configurations as well as an optical trigger sensor, which has been till now possible only for AEG users. With the newest sensor, you can set trigger sensitivity unattainable before - even 50 sensitivity points in the first millimeter of movement. Finally, GATE technology breaks into the world of HPA replicas. Take your replica into the future!



  • Adjustable ROF: 1 to 100 RPS
  • Velocity: 200  550 FPS
  • Operation mode  OPEN BOLT
  • Pressure range  60 to 140 PSI
  • Due to the nature of the design and operation of the engine, the compatibility range of the nozzle length is between 21.25 mm and 21.40mm relative to that of the AEG nozzle


  • The best price-performance ratio - highest technologies at reasonable price

  • TITAN II Bluetooth® - the first Bluetooth optical ETU in HPA replica

    • mind-blowing optical trigger sensor allows you for setting hair trigger with ludicrous precision: even 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement

    • Bluetooth 5.2 - connection with other devices from GATE Ecosystem, eg. STATUS, smartwatch

    • for the first time in HPA replicas configurable fire modes such as binary trigger, burst, etc

    • User-friendly GCS app for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, watchOS, Wear OS

    • constant online access to firmware updating

  • Adjustable ROF (1 to 100 RPS)

  • Additionally stabilized nozzle ensures FPS consistency and eliminates Mid-cap syndrome

  • Multifunctional port ready to connect accessories such as Bolt-catch button, magazine sensor, Hop-up chamber tracer, electric magazine power supply or a flashlight

  • Simple maintenance thanks to a well-thought-of build

  • Please note that in the case of dual solenoid engines, it is not possible to connect any extra devices requiring a power supply.

  • Caution! The purple nozzle of the HPA PULSAR S engine does not require the use of a stabilizing sleeve in the hop-up chamber. The use of a stabilizing sleeve with the purple nozzle may negatively affect engine performance.
    The golden nozzle of the HPA PULSAR S engine may require additional stabilization. In this case, it is recommended to use a stabilizing sleeve in the hop-up chamber.


Product Changelog

Revision 2

  • Improved nozzle design that provides faster nozzle response, allows setting shorter solenoid valve opening times at lower pressure
  • Chamfer change in the front part for better compatibility with gearbox shells (Mancraft, G&G)
  • Chamfer change in the nozzle which improves sealing with hop-up bucking
  • Change in the method of anodizing the nozzle - hard anodizing, which increases the strength of the nozzle and reduces its resistance to movement
  • Increased wire diameters in the TITAN II Bluetooth HPA installation for better durability
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